Frozen II

Oh, what a delight! Frozen II is everything one could hope for from a sequel; all of the elements that we loved from Frozen in a fresh, new story. The original cast reprises their roles as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff to set out on an adventure to learn the root of Elsa’s powers and save the kingdom. Sterling K. Brown turns in an appearance as Lieutenant Destin Mattias, proving unequivocally that Sterling K. Brown can do no wrong. This is a more mature, intricate, and robust storyline than the original, which is even more of an accomplishment because Disney could have easily skated on a product vehicle. Further, the animation is truly breathtaking; how the Academy could neglect a nod to a translucent water horse is beyond my comprehension. From the songs to the visuals to the more mature themes, everything about Frozen is beautiful. See it because it’s pure magic.