Avengers: End Game

Prior to watching this film, I posted on social media, “I’m 181% certain that three hours and one minute is too long for a superhero movie.” …Aaaaaaaaaand I was 181% wrong. Full disclosure: I don’t really like super hero movies, thin plots, overreliance on effects, and way too long, I get bored. But I was truly mistaken regarding End Game. It’s a magnificent whirl through the Marvel Universe and no moment is wasted. You definitely don’t have to see the first 22 movies to follow the plot line here, which is miraculous in itself, but virtually every superhero makes an appearance and loose ends are tied up. It’s not just a visual spectacular, but a feat of writing to stitch together so many storylines in a conclusive and meaningful way. Best of all, it’s driven by real characters with real friendships and real feelings; I know I’d certainly enjoy these films more if there were more Don Cheadle/Mark Ruffalo/Paul Rudd/Jeremy Renner types, and less random beefcake of the moment superheroes. See this because it’s fantastic enough to charm even a grump like me.