The Ice Storm

Ang Lee delivers a gorgeous film about suburban upper-middle-class angst in the 1970’s. The film is a who’s who of powerhouse actors, delivering subtle performances that capture the ennui that everyone seems to be experiencing. Over a Thanksgiving weekend, we’re quietly led through alcohol-soaked sexcapades and infidelity, contrasted by the achingly awkward sexual explorations of teenagers, Lee portrays an oft-neglected era with patience and discipline. Unfortunately, the film may not age well. In 1997, it may have been nearly perfect, but a 2020 viewing may have a viewer wondering, “Who cares?” and any interest in the existential discontent of privileged white people has long since expired. Still, the film is worth a watch, if only to see Lee’s gorgeous directing choices. An unfortunately dramatic ending seems a mismatch to the subtly of the film.