Pho Eastern Vietnamese Cuisine (El Sereno, Los Angeles, CA)

El Sereno is not thought of as a hub of Vietnamese, or for that matter, any Asian cuisine. Should one find themselves dining in this oft forgotten corner of Los Angeles, it is surely on the fantastic, if surreptitious, pop up taco stands that dot the streets and sidewalks, glowing with cheap outdoor lighting seen through a haze of fragrant steam. But Pho Eastern is looking to change those preconceptions. A plucky little storefront just east of Eastern Ave, it doesn’t amount to much at first sight, just the standard hole-in-the-wall restaurant with cozy dine-in tables and a steady take-out business. The menu is short and the service is incredibly friendly, these folks know what they do well. Not to be missed is the pho beef special with sliced beef, tripe, tendon, drop flank, and brisket, aromatic and brimming with ingredients, this pho holds its own against the sprawling Vietnamese options of the East Valley. The milk tea is with boba is a fine accompaniment. This new option in El Sereno should make pho a regular player in local homes and the restaurant is definitely worth the trip from neighboring communities.

4 stars